Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pre-DAC Syllabus

Pre-DAC Modules

Computing Fundamentals
Evolution of Computers
Computer Generations
Computer Organisation
Primary and Secondary Storage
Input and Output Devices
Operating System
File Organisation
Data Communications and Computer Networking

Fundamentals Of Programming
Numerica Systems
Binary Arithmetic
Boolean Algebra abd Logic Circuits
Arrays - single and multidimensional
File Orgranisations

C Programming
Introductory Concepts
C Fundamentals
Operator  and Expressions 
Data Input and Output
Operator  and Expressions 
Statements (control, conditional, looping)
Structures and Unions 
bullet.gif (320 bytes) Queues
Linked Lists 

Object Oriented Programming
bullet.gif (320 bytes) Classes
bullet.gif (320 bytes) Inheritance
bullet.gif (320 bytes) Abstract Classes

Syllabus for Common Entrance Test (CET)

Section I :Computing Fundamentals (25 marks)
Evolutions of computers, Computer generations, Computer organization, Primary and Secondary storage, Input-output devices, Computer software, Operating systems, Data communications and computer networking, Multimedia, Classification of computers, etc.

Section II : Fundamentals of Programming (10 marks)
Algorithms, Flowcharts, Computer languages, System implementation and operation, File organizations and Data processing, etc.

Section III :Programming in C (50 marks)
Introductory concepts, C Fundamentals, Operators and Expressions, Data Input and Output, Control statement, Functions, Arrays, Pointers, Structures and Unions, Arrays, Stacks, Queues and Linked Lists (Single, double, Circular), etc.

Section IV :Object Oriented Programming Concepts  (15 marks)
Understanding of the object oriented concepts, such as Classes and Objects, Generalizations, Polymorphism, Abstract Classes and Re-usability, etc.

Section V :General Apptitude  (50 marks)
Questions shall be modeled on GMAT pattern


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